Travels with Susan Spano

Women on Divorce

Includes essays by:
Ann Patchett
Anne Roiphe
Penny Kaganoff
Jane Shapiro
Carol Shields
Ellen Gilchrist
Diana Hume George
Mary Morris
Perri Klass
Ann Hood
Susan Spano
Alix Kates Shulman
Francine Prose
Daphne Merkin

"A disarmingly candid, invaluable collection."
--Publishers Weekly
""If half your mattress is empty, take this book to bed."
--Kirkus Reviews

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Nonfiction, Travel, Human Interest
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Nonfiction Book
Divorce. Why do we do it? And what does it do to us? fourteen prominent writers have pondered these questions and have set down heir thoughts and personal stories, in this gathering of sometimes irreverent and always intelligent essays. "A disarmingly candid, invaluable collection." --Publishers Weekly
"Anyone who doubts that men, too, suffer in divorce should be required to read this." --Glamour Magazine "A rare, unusually focused anthology of original essays that both entertains and instructs." --Publishers Weekly

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